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Building Better Roads In Australia

Queensland Road Construction is dedicated to enhancing the road construction industry in Australia by providing the highest quality products and services, adopting proven new technologies and approaches and working in partnership with customers to deliver superior solutions.

What We Do

Dedicated to enhancing the road construction industry in Australia by providing the highest quality products and services, adopting proven new technologies and approaches, whilst working in partnership with customers to deliver superior road solutions. Here at Queensland Road Construction, we take pride in our work practices which are underpinned with a culture of safety, environmental responsibility and accountability, fostering an environment of growth and respect amongst our employees, and for the communities that surround us.


Asphalt & Paver Laid Gravels

Road Sealing

Minor Civil Works

Road Profiling

Bitumen Crack Seal

Truck Hire

Minor Repair Works

Asphalt Crew Hire

Car Parks

Preventative Maintenance


Bitumen Spray Sealing


Potholes / Patches

QLDRC Asphalt Roads

Our Capabilities

With over 50 years’ experience in road construction within the European market, Queensland Road Construction boasts many strengths including a highly skilled workforce with collectively over 800 years’ experience, cutting edge technology, competitive tendering and a strong client network. Queensland Road Construction’s strong work ethic and commitment to excellence can be seen within our key projects.

Family Owned

And Operated

Queensland Road Construction is a 3rd generation family run business with a wealth of experience and expertise in the road construction industry.

Quality Workmanship

And Assurance

Queensland Road Construction provides superior quality material and workmanship whilst being at the forefront of environmentally sustainable solutions and economic practices for your paving needs.

Our third-party certified management systems have the structure, depth and flexibility to guide the successful delivery of the most complex projects.

Reliable Service


Providing leading edge technology along with excellent service allows us to ensure the most cost-effective solution to all your paving needs.


With a company heritage of over 50 years’ operating in Europe and Australia. Queensland Road Construction is committed to improving our Quality, Environmental and Safety culture with a focus on improving the sustainability of roads in the future. We aim to maximise value through cost-effective solutions, innovation, and continuous improvement.

The Benefits

Queensland Road Construction aims to provide our clients with the highest quality and the most cost-effective road construction solution. Queensland Road Construction is renowned for our reputation by providing the latest sustainable technological solutions to enhance the development of the Australian road construction industry. At Queensland Road construction we aim to set a bench-mark for best environmental and sustainable practices in the road construction industry. Our company ensures the Quality, Health and Safety of our people, products and services provided, as well as the surrounding communities at the forefront of our company’s practice. Focused on developing a more innovative road construction industry, centred around sustainable roads utilising resource efficient materials such as Construction & Demolition waste, which in turn will foster a more circular economy for Queensland.
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