Striving for excellence, safety, ethics and quality in road construction.

Our Priorities


Queensland Road Construction is an emerging group of companies building its reputation on providing the latest proven technological solutions to enhance and develop road construction in Australia. Committed to ensuring the health and safety of our people, the environments and the communities both now and into the future.


QRC strive to build strong and respectful, long term relationships by supporting staff to grow and develop within the changing business landscape. We provide employees a safe and secure environment with opportunities to contribute to the company’s success in a tangible way.


QRC continue to invest in their fleet of plant and equipment providing leading edge technologies that enhance productivity, optimise performance, guarantee reliability and ensure maximum environmental and safety considerations are met.


QRC are committed to integrating sustainability throughout all our business practices by focusing on key areas, reducing our impact on the natural environment, developing a culture of sustainability and ensuring performance is evaluated against key performance indicators.


QRC are committed to continual improvement of our QSE culture with a focus on upholding the ISO 9001 quality, ISO 45001 safety and ISO 14001 environmental standards across the multiple facets of the business.

Henry Stanley

How we serve a client, join arms with a co-worker, partner with a designer, or team up with a subcontractor today determines how Queensland Road Construction will be received in the future. Therefore, we expect nothing but quality from everyone we work with and, most of all, ourselves. Our standards for quality exceed our client’s expectations.



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